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 Please look at the Christian books we offer for sale.  Not all of our  books are Christian related, but are written by a Christian author.   However, if you like reading Christian books, we hope you will pick one  of ours.  It is our goal at Mount Sinai Publisher to provide you with  good Christian books that you know will not have vulgar words or  language that will offend the reader.  Most of the Christian books are  written by L C Walker.  

Our Home Page was designed for people that are tire of walking alone.  If you accept Christ you will never be alone again.  

Enjoy your stay and please tell your friends and relatives about the Christian books L C Walker has written and our site.   

 Thank you for coming to our site to look around.  Walking through  life without Christ is like walking through a dark tunnel alone.   However, if you are without Christ in your life, you can change by  accepting Him.  Walking through that dark tunnel without Christ will  change the moment you accept Him.  He will now walk with you and  sometimes He will carry you through that dark tunnel.  Remember,  accepting Him is as easy as one, two, three.  Accepting Him will change  that dark tunnel into a tunnel where there is a bright light all the way  through.

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